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A1 Clemmon's Storage

5 X 10 Self Storage Unit

This small unit is the size of a walk in closet. Perfect for college students during summer breaks or those that need just a little extra room.

A1 Clemmon's Storage

10 X 10 Self Storage Unit

This size unit is about the size of a small, one car garage. It can hold furniture and has drive up access like the other self storage units.

A1 Clemmon's Storage

10 X 15 Storage Unit

This self storage unit has drive up access like the others and is about the size of a garage and a half.

A1 Clemmon's Storage

10 X 20 Self Storage Unit

This self storage unit offers drive up access and offers storage for those that typically are moving and need either short or long term storage options.

A1 Clemmon's Storage

10 X 30 Self Storage Unit

Our 10 x 30 self storage unit is one of our larger units with drive up access. Ideal for those needing quite a bit of space for furniture, appliances and more.

A1 Clemmon's Storage

10 X 40 Self Storage Unit

We offer one 10 x 40 unit for people who need storage for their entire home or business.

Benefits of A1 Clemmons Storage

What Are the Benefits?

  • One of the best benefits of drive-up self storage is being able to unload your belongings right at your unit.
  • With drive-up self storage you are able to drive right up to your unit and unload heavy items such as furniture without having to deal with elevators and small hallways.
  • Additionally we offer larger sizes at a better prices than other storage facilities. While "climate controlled" units sound good, you will wind up having to pay for insurance to cover your belongings as most climate controlled facilities don't actually guarantee the condition of your belongings themselves.

What Can I Store?

A1 Clemmons Best Storage offers gated and secure drive up self storage for your belongings with the property manager living on site. You may be wondering what type of storage is right for you and we are always available to advise what is and isn't allowed.

What types of items do people typical store in self storage?

  • Home and personal belongings when needing extra space or during moves
  • Outdoor recreational vehicles such as boats, RV, jet skis, dirt bikes, etc
  • Household items of parents during downsizing Seasonal decorations
  • Gardening or building supplies
  • Winter snow equipment (sanders, plows, etc.)
  • Metal, plastic, or resin furniture
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